What is My Professional Rewards?

My Professional Rewards is a loyalty scheme suitable for a wide-range of catering, food provision and food related independent businesses. Earn points on a wide range of Unilever Food Solutions products, including the Knorr Professional, Hellmann's, Colman's, Carte D’Or Desserts and Marmite brands. Then use these points to redeem from a wide range of rewards to benefit you and your business.

See how it works below:

My Professional Rewards replaces the Chef Rewards scheme, but don't worry! If you had a Chef Rewards account you don't need to make a new My Professional Rewards account, you can just use the same login details as previously. You will need to scan and submit your invoices to the scheme directly now which can be done on this website, but to get the best experience please download the app onto your phone by scanning the QR code below.

To download the app to your phone please scan the QR below with your phone camera:

If you have any questions or need any help please contact our customer service team HERE!