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Exclusive rewards tailored for chefs and foodservice professionals. Scan your invoices, accumulate points, and spend them on free rewards for you, your team and your business!

Valid with all UKI wholesalers, every Unilever Food Solutions product you purchase (including Hellmann’s, Knorr, Marmite, Colman's and more) earns you points to spend on anything from Amazon vouchers to top-of-the-line kitchen equipment and tech.

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Chef Rewards has been replaced by My Professional Rewards! You can still log into this website using your Chef Rewards login details but for the best experience download our new app to your phone:
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    If you already have Chef Rewards login details use these to login to the app, else register a new account. You have ability to upload your own invoices and earn points in minutes from your eligible purchases. My Professional Rewards is a loyalty scheme suitable for a wide-range of catering, food provision and food related independent businesses. Earn points on a wide range of Unilever Food Solutions products, including the Knorr Professional, Hellmann's, Colman's, Carte D’Or Desserts and Marmite brands. Then use these points to redeem from a wide range of rewards to benefit you and your business.

    If you have any questions or need any help please contact our customer service team HERE!